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Unformatted text preview: MAE 486 Design of Mechanical Systems Lecture 1 Fall 2011 Today s topics: 0.Introduction to senior design project (Prof. Hae- Chang Jea); 1. Introduction; 2. Course policy; 3. Course overview; 4. Introduction to engineering design. Introduction 1.  Instructor: Qingze Zou, Eng. BLD, D-102, [email protected], 5-3268. Joined the department in fall 2010, research in dynamics and controls for nanoscale systems and control. 2.  TA Zhihua Wang, <[email protected]> 3.  Textbook Homework & Projects (Tentative) •  Homework: One week or two-week assignments; •  Project: –  –  –  –  Two-week or three-week assignments; Team-based (four members); First assignment will be a project; Form your team by next Monday; Send your team member list to Zhihua by email. Quizzes & Exams (Tentative) •  Biweekly quizzes; –  –  –  –  At the end of every other Weds. class (starting from next week); Reflection problems might be posted on Sakai before the quiz; 5-10 minutes long; Some will be graded, some won’t (Ungraded: 3 points; graded: 10 points (3-7)); •  One mid-term, one final. •  Closed book, closed notes. One two-sided, hand-written cheat-sheet is allowed; Other Issues & Grading •  Special needs accommodation: –  Come to talk to me. •  Missing exam: –  Should let me know ahead of time! •  Grading: –  –  –  –  –  10 % Quiz 15 % Homework 20% Project; 20% Mid-term exam; 30% Final-exam; Resources You Have… •  Myself: –  Office hours: Monday 11:00AM-noon, Friday: 11:00AM-noon, –  Other times by appointments; –  Hourly email contact during work time; •  TA: Zhihua –  Office hours: TBA. –  Email contact and online discussions; –  Other time by appointments; •  Your peers and your team members; What is this course about? •  Engineering Design Process: What is this course about? •  Design Improvement through Optimization Introduction: What is Engineering Design? •  What is science? •  What is engineering? •  What is design? Design = Inven>on? •  How to tackle a complex problem? –  How?   What are needed in a good design? Engineering Design Process: Importance Why design is important? Engineering Design Process: Type of Designs How can we categorize different types of designs? Different Views of Design: I •  A simplified itera>on process (Fig. 1.2) Different Views of Design: II •  Design method vs. Scien>fic method Different Views of Design: III •  A problem ­solving methodology: –  What are the steps we should follow in design? Considera>on of a Good Design •  What makes a good design? ...
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