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1_11 - r 1.11 The mtssur di'fi’ergnce flip across a...

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Unformatted text preview: r 1.11 The mtssur: di'fi’ergnce, flip, across a _ - 235m; (FL—1T}, p the bland density {ML'3‘L D" ' partial biasing: in an artery {called a mitosis} is thc artery diameter. AD the area of the until} apprnximated by the Equation structed artery and Al the area of the ate nosis. ‘ fly A; " 2'" ' Determine the dimensitm: of the constants K” 3P = Kr E + K. (I —' 1 19"” and K... Wauld this equation in: valid in any sys- ‘ tam nf uni-ts? Ap-Tky/fg—Vi-k‘u fi—IJZfli/i 2. 2. [FL-1%] [f%1i)(%)(—£)]+[‘(u][§-ET§"] [ii-Hi] EFL“ J -‘-= Mi W] + NEW? 5:"th each firm mus:i have #7.: mm: inncmrbgsJ KL, and K“ are dximasimleas, Thus) flu: Ejmfiiw {'5 a ?engmf hamajenams {’Z’Hfl'l‘fflfi 171W" Manic/k via/3.2% xi? any dwsisim! _59’5 m {‘25 uni-2'5. Vii. ...
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