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1_69 - Lfifil A pivot bearing used an the shaft of an...

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Unformatted text preview: Lfifil A pivot bearing used an the shaft of an electrical instrument is shawl: in Fig. P1.69.An oil with a viscosity at h = 0.010 u: -stt1 fills the DWI-in. gap between the retat'tng shaft and the statjort— an: base. Determine the frictional torque on the shaft when it 1'0- thtes at 5,009 rpm. lei :19": {argue on area efemem‘ a” when: (M: 2.37“ d] = nerdy-Aim? Thu-t; dtTe-rdFer’rdfi were Tfi/a%%ygg so My? dr’: 1‘0“ J) (lFFdr/rm 9) 1Tflw :b Sind' In Ear HEIRS, ref? twat?) 77- M if ET: I‘M: bn'nfi r£:3 Jr E'Tfir/Q (I) New ...
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