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Chapter 6 Study Questions 1. Name the original 12 Olympians. 2. One of them eventually drops out; who replaces her? 3. Hades is not an “Olympian.” Why? 4. List the duties or skills of the 12 Olympians. 5. Zeus is likely derived from an Indo-European god of the what? 6. What specifically does Zeus control? 7. What is the aegis? Who use it? 8. Zeus reigns over the custom of xenia. Describe what it is. 9. Describe how Zeus seduces Hera in the Iliad passage on 139. 10. In the Iliad scene from 139-141, why did Hera cause Zeus to seduce her? How does this reflect on Zeus’s authority? 11. What are the Moerae? Who are their parents? 12. What are the Horae? Who are their parents? 13. What are the Graces? 14. Who are the Muses? What do they do? Who are their parents?
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Unformatted text preview: 15. What purpose do the stories of Zeus’s sexual exploits with abstractions serve? 16. Who is Ganymede? What Greek custom, which we discussed earlier in the semester, does he represent? 17. Why does Hera punish Zeus’s lovers and children? 18. Who are the children of Hera and Zeus? How significant are they in Greek myth? 19. Read the domestic scene on 148-9. How does Homer characterize the relationship of the gods? 20. According to page 149, How did Hephaestus become crippled? 21. With whom did Athena compete for patronage of Athens? What gifts did each god(dess) present to the Athenians? What did the loser do in anger?...
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