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Chapter 7 Review Questions 1. What is the origin of the god Apollo? What are some meanings of his name? Who are his parents and sister? 2. What/where is Delphi? 3. What are some of the realms that Apollo ruled over? 4. Describe Apollo’s appearance and actions in the Iliad (I.35-52 on p. 158-9 in Powell). 5. After their birth, Hera sent a Giant to kill Apollo and Artemis. Why? (Think about Hera’s role in chapter 6.) 6. From the excerpt on p 162, describe how Apollo entertains on Mt. Olympus. 7. What did Apollo do to the satyr Marsyas? Why? 8. What was the name of the female oracle at Delphi? How did she get that name? 9. Apollo is known for cleansing people from one guilt in particular; what is it and why does he have this power (p 164). 10. Describe how the oracle at Delphi works. Give an example of a famous prophecy. 11. Who is Cassandra? What happened to her? 12. Who is the Sibyl at Cumae? What happened to her? 13. Describe the myth that inspired Bernini’s famous statue (see p 168-9).
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Describe the birth of Asclepius and what happened to his mother. 15. Which god was married to Aphrodite? Why is this surprising? 16. According to the second story of Hephaestus in the Iliad , how did he become crippled? (p 174) 17. What is the meaning of Hermes’s name? What does he have control over? What is his most famous heroic act? 18. What social clash is apparent in the “Homeric Hymn to Hermes”? (p 180-90) 19. What is a “herm”? What practical function does it serve? 20. Who is Pan? What does he control? Who were some of his lovers? Longer Questions Read the “Homeric Hymn to Apollo” on 159-61. Where were Apollo and Artemis born? Describe why Leto chose to have Apollo there. Read p. 176-78 and describe Ares’s relationship with Aphrodite. Describe in detail the death of the Python (see 163-4)....
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