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Final Study guide - Chapter 17 1 What did Pythia tell...

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Chapter 17 1. What did Pythia tell Cadmus to do when he was searching for Europa? Give up finding her; follow spotted cow and found city where it lay down. 2. What was the city? Thebes 3. What happened to Cadmus’s companions at the spring? The dragon/serpent killed them. 4. What was Athena’s command to Cadmus about killing the dragon? Take the dragon teeth, plow the ground, and sow half the teeth into the furrows. 5. What happened after planting of the teeth? Sparti emerged. The foolish earth-born men thought they were battling each other, and all but 5 were killed. 6. What are the two most splendid weddings in Greek myth? Cadmus + Harmonia, Peleus + Thetis 7. What did Aphrodite give to Harmonia? Necklace by Hephaestus, magical robe. The gifts cursed her children in later generations. 8. What happened to Antiope after she was seduced by Zeus? Nycteus, her father, sent her out of Thebes. Took refuge and married king in Sicyon. 9. What happened to Antiope on her way back to Thebes? Gave birth to twins Amphion and Zethus, raised by shepherd. Her uncle Lycus handed her over to Dirce when she retured. 10. What did Amphion and Zethus do to Dirce? Tied her to a horse that drug her to death. 11. What did Laius do with his infant son? Why? Ordered child to be exposed and die. Pinned together the feet and gave to shepherd to dump in woods. The prophecy that he would kill his father and marry his mother.
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Final Study guide - Chapter 17 1 What did Pythia tell...

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