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1. Who was Hesiod? When did he write? 2. What is a theogony? Cosmogony? 3. Theogony begins with an invocation; what is an invocation and why does Hesiod include it? 4. What divinities come in the most primordial time of the universe? What does this early universe look like? 5. Who are the children of Gaia alone (asexually)? 6. Who are the children of Gaia and Uranus? Who is Oceanus and where does he live? (Diagram.) 7. Who are the children of Gaia and Pontus (Sea)? (page 85-6) 8. Hyperion is a son of Gaia and Uranus. Who are his children? Who is Pontus and where does he live? (Diagram.) 9. What are Cyclopes in Hesiod? What are Hecatonchires? 10. How did Uranus treat his children? What did Gaia and Cronus do to end his tyranny?
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Unformatted text preview: 11. What did Cronus's actions toward Uranus do to the appearance of the universe? 12. How was Aphrodite born? 13. After Cronus became the supreme god, whom did he marry? Who were their children? 14. How did Cronus treat his children? Why? 15. How and why did the Titanomachy occur? 16. Whom did Zeus free from Tartarus to aid him in the Titanomachy? 17. Who is Typhoeus? (parents?) Why did he battle Zeus? Where is he now? 18. Who are the Giants? (parents?) Why did they fight the Olympians? 19. How was Athena born? Why? 20. How did Zeus and his brothers divide the world? What does the universe look like at this point?...
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