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Study15-16 - 9 Why did Aegeus die What reforms did Theseus...

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Chapter 15 Study Questions 1. What 3 central claims did Athenian myth make about Athenians’ origins? 2. What happened while Cecrops was king? 3. Erichthonius succeeded Cecrops; how was he born? 4. What happened during the marriage of Cephalus and Procris? Where did Procris go after Cephalus tricked her? What is Laelaps? How did Procris get Cephalus to take her back? What did Procris eventual suspect Cephalus was doing? 5. Pandion was the king after Erechthonius. What happened to his two daughters when they travelled to the Thracian king Tereus? 6. Aegeus was born in exile after his father, king of Athens, was sent away. How did he and his brothers regain Athens? What did he do when he could not have a son? Who was his son? 7. What six deeds his Theseus perform on his way back to Athens? 8. Who was Aegeus’s current wife when Theseus returned? Why did she not want Aegeus to recognize Theseus? (Long narrative break to be continued in Ch 16.)
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Why did Aegeus die? What reforms did Theseus make as king after his father’s death? 10. Why did the Amazons invade Athens? How and why did Theseus’s and Antiope’s son die? 11. How did Theseus die? Chapter 16 Study Questions 1. How did people get to the island of Crete? 2. Laelaps was one gift from Zeus to Europa. What was the other? 3. Why did Poseidon send a bull to Crete? Why did Pasiphae fall in love with the bull? 4. How was Pasiphae able to be impregnated by the bull? Who was their son? Where did he live? 5. Why did Minos attack Athens? What did Scylla do in order to get Minos to marry her? 6. Why/with whom did Theseus travel to Crete? 7. Who helped Theseus kill the Minotaur? How? 8. What happened to Ariadne after Theseus killed the Minotaur? 9. What happened to the engineer of the Layrinth and his son after the Minotaur was slain? 10. Where and how did King Minos die?...
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Study15-16 - 9 Why did Aegeus die What reforms did Theseus...

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