Women in Ancient GreeceASSIGNMENT

Women in Ancient GreeceASSIGNMENT - Women in Ancient...

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Women in Ancient Greece ASSIGNMENT: Choose one of the texts below (besides Plato) and discuss the main point of the text. Discuss the author’s view of women and the role that they ought to have in Greek society. Is this view consistent with Powell’s summary in the text? Next, consider the excerpt from Plato above. Compare and contrast his view to that of your previous and imagine how that author would respond to Plato.Submit a one-page, 1.5-li. response to these questions on the ICON dropbox by Friday, 3 September.Euripides “Medea”, c. 420 BCE Of all things that are living and can form a judgment We women are the most unfortunate creatures. Firstly, with an excess of wealth it is required For us to buy a husband and take one for our bodies A master; for not to take one is even worse. And now the question is serious whether we take A good one or bad one; for there is no easy escape For a woman, nor can she say not to her marriage. She arrives among new modes of behaviour and manners, And needs prophetic power, unless she has learned at home, How best to manage him who shares the bed with her. And if we work this out well and carefully, And the husband lives with us and lightly bears his yoke, Then life is enviable. If not, I'd rather die. A man, when he's tired of the company in his home, Goes out of the house and puts an end to his boredom And turns to a friend or companion of his own age. But we are forced to keep our eyes on one alone.
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Women in Ancient GreeceASSIGNMENT - Women in Ancient...

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