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Business Communications and Protocol Writing Assignment #3          Business  Writing Evaluation Content: Overall argument is compelling and does the following: addresses the ethical dilemma at hand: what would you do? identifies and analyzes at least two arguments supporting your decision articulates the stakes for the key players articulates a strategic response to counterarguments each other uses at least two chapters of “Leading Quietly” to support argument and illustrate points has an original title Unacceptable         Needs Improvement            Acceptable                Good  Excellent     24  -  28                            28.5   -   32.5                             33  -  37                37.5  -  41.5             42  -  45           ______/45                                                        Structure and Logic:        The essay flows logically and clearly from point to point.   There are an identifiable introduction, body, and conclusion. The 
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  • Unacceptable         Needs, Protocol Writing Assignment, Business  Writing Evaluation, overly informal language, nonparallel sentence structure

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Fall_2010_BCaP_Assignment_3_Rubric_REVISED - #3Business...

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