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Anjali- AP Enviromental- Chapter 7

Anjali- AP Enviromental- Chapter 7 - APES Ch 7 Notes...

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APES Ch. 7 Notes- Biological Diversity 7.1 Notes 1. What is biological diversity? a. General Information i. Biological Diversity : The variety of life-forms commonly expressed as the number of species in an area or the number of genetic types in an area 7.2 Notes 2. Biological Evolution a. General Information i. Biological Evolution : The change in inherited characteristics of a population from generation to generation ii. One of the features that distinguishes life from everything else in the universe iii. Four Processes that Lead to Evolution: 1. Mutation 2. Natural Selection 3. Migration 4. Genetic Shift b. Mutation i. A chemical change in a DNA molecule ii. Affects the expressed characteristics when cells or individual organisms reproduce c. Natural Selection i. 4 Characteristics: 1. Genetic Variability: Inheritance of traits from one generation to another and some variation on these traits 2. Environmental Variability 3. Differential Reproduction that varies with the environment 4. Environmental Influence on survival and reproduction ii. Species: group of individuals that reproduce with each other d. Migration i. Two new species evolve from an original species due to isolation Ex: land bridge e. Genetic Drift i. Changes in the frequency of a gene in a population due to chance ii. Can be a problem for rare or endangered species for 2 reasons: 1.
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