Anjali- AP Enviromental- Chapter 19

Anjali- AP Enviromental- Chapter 19 - AP Environmental-...

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AP Environmental- Chapter 19: Alternative Energy and the Environment 19.1 Notes 1. Introduction to Alternative Energy Sources a. General Information i. All other sources of energy are alternative, renewable, nonrenewable energy. ii. Nonrenewable alternative energy sources include nuclear energy and geothermal. iii. Nuclear energy is nonrenewable because it requires a mineral fuel mined from Earth. iv. Geothermal energy is considered nonrenewable for the most part because heat can be extracted from Earth faster it is naturally replenished. v. The renewable sources are solar energy, water power, wind power, hydrogen produced from water, and energy derived from biomass. 1. Renewable energy sources , sun, water, wind, and biomass and come from the sun’s energy. 19.2 Notes 2. Solar Energy a. General Information i. The total amount of solar energy reaching the Earth’s surface is tremendous. ii. Solar energy may be used through passive solar systems or active solar systems. 1. Passive solar energy systems - often involve architectural designs that enhance the absorption of solar energy by using and adjusting for natural changes that occur throughout the year without requiring mechanical power. 2. Active solar energy systems - require mechanical power, usually electric pumps and other apparatuses, to circulate air, water, or other fluids from solar collectors to a location where the heat is stored until used. iii. Solar collectors - to provide space heating or more commonly, hot water are usually flat panels consisting of a glass-covered plate over a black background where an absorbing fluid is circulated through tubes. iv.
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Anjali- AP Enviromental- Chapter 19 - AP Environmental-...

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