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Anthro 2 Synopsis - -1 The purpose of the reading...

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-1 The purpose of the reading, “Ethnography and Culture,” authored by James P. Spradley, is to present a guideline as to how a cultural ethnographer goes about correctly describing a culture and its various symbols in order, “to understand another way of life from the native point of view,” (Spradley 20). Now in order for the ethnographer to learn from the people he is studying he must first set aside his or her belief in naïve realism, “the almost universal belief that all people define the real world of objects, events, and living creatures in pretty much the same way,” (Spradley 21). In doing so, the ethnographer allows his or herself to experience the cultural behavior, cultural knowledge, and cultural artifacts, without any sort of bias. As an example, Spradley uses a train ride in the city of Chicago to further indulge behind these concepts. Among the people aboard the train, he noticed many people where in the action of the cultural behavior of reading. Yet, this behavior wouldn’t be possible without the appearance of
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