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-1 When using the etic approach in observing the magic rituals of the people of the Trobriand Islands during the gardening activities, these rituals serve as a vital role for the succession of the tribe, because the produce of the harvest will ultimately determine how much the tribe will eat until the next harvest. In addition, these rituals are perceived as the only means to a correct and proper way to establish a bountiful harvest, since these rituals have been performed for so many generations. As one man mentioned in the video when questioned of the scientific relevance of these rituals, it did not matter what science proved in the succession of the harvest, the whole aura of the ritual would always take precedent over any foreign idea that could come in contact with the magic ritual, because it was perceived by the natives, from their
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Unformatted text preview: ancestors, to be the only way that the harvesting could and should be done. Now from the emic approach, it seemed as if the members of the ceremony are somehow trying to bring to life the seedlings of the vegetation that the tribe members have planted. From the video, the leader of the magical ceremony can be seen walking around the garden shouting at the top of his lungs, in the hopes that he will awaken the buried seeds and bring to life a very plentiful harvest. Whether or not the harvest will be successful is unknown, yet the performance of these ceremonies, somehow gives the members of the tribe a sense of confidence, hope, and reassurance that seems to be one of the biggest roles that this gardening ritual accomplishes....
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