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Paper for the Last Class

Paper for the Last Class - -1INT 94MV Pop Songs and Reality...

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-1 INT 94MV - Pop Songs and Reality This freshman seminar has introduced to me many new concepts of past and present pop songs. The class helped me dive deeper into the message that the singer or songwriter was trying to convey to their listeners. Now, most of the songs that we analyzed were about love, and I thought it was very interesting to see the numerous ways that artists could present love in their music, and also how music about love has changed over long periods of time. Doc presented to the class some of the love songs from his generation (usually by singing them, which was great), and I always enjoyed comparing the love songs of past generations to current love songs. And I even like the older love songs better because those singers and songwriters really loved the person that they would be speaking of. As opposed to the one night stand, sex without love, music of the current generation. Luckily, there are still some singers and songwriters today that do actually speak of true and honest love and not just casual sex.
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