Pantheon - destruction around the world, “the earth now...

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Lapchak 1 -1Stephen Lapchak Seth Jeppesen Classics 40 23 November 2010 Take Home Quiz : Phaethon In the story of Phaethon(1.43), we are introduced to Helios, the sun god’s son, Phaethon who is troubled by doubters, who deny him to be the son of Helios. In order to prove to himself and to others, that he is truly the son of Helios, Phaethon, “asked for his father’s chariot, with leave to control the winged-footed horses, for just one day,” (2. 47-49). Unfortunately for Phaethon, he had made his father swear to request before requested, and as Helios very well knows, Phaethon will not be able to handle this duty and will brutally meet his death. Even after being urged not to, Phaethon still wants to try this fateful mission. From the very beginning of this mission, Phaethon is overpowered by the horses of his father and scared of the tremendous heights that he is flying. This causes Phaethon to constantly divert his course and causing
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Unformatted text preview: destruction around the world, “the earth now burst into flames on all of the hills on the mountains, split into huge wide cracks, and dried as it lost all its moisture,” (2.209-211). Unable to have this devastation occur any longer, Zeus strikes down Phaethon with one of his thunderbolts, where he plunges to his death in the Eridanus river. Now when I read this myth, I interpret it using historical allegory. I think that there had once been a massive fire that nature had randomly caused on its own, that scorched much of Earth and its people. Yet, once there was a thunderstorm, the rain put out the fire and Earth slowly regained its luscious landscape. This is where Jupiter comes into play, because the people of Earth would think that it was his lightning that was putting an end to this Phaethon’s ill-fated Lapchak 2 journey....
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Pantheon - destruction around the world, “the earth now...

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