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Take Home Quiz - advising the men to whom he speaks to...

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Lapchak 1 -1 Stephen Lapchak Seth Jeppesen Classics 40 18 October 2010 Take Home Quiz The passage contained within book 9 lines 423 to 438 of the Iliad is a part of a dialect of a speech, said by Achilles, to Odysseus, Phoenix, and Ajax, in response to the offer that Agamemnon will grace Achilles with, if he is to return to the battlefield. As Achilles speaks he mentions the two fates that have been set out for him by his mother, Thetis. If he is to fight in the battle, his life will not last much longer, yet his glory will last forever; however, if he is to not fight and return home, his glory will be lost, but his life will be long. Achilles then goes on to
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Unformatted text preview: advising the men to whom he speaks, to return home, as he has so chosen to do. To Achilles it seems that Zeus has already determined victory for the Trojans by giving their people his support. Now all that is left for Odysseus, Phoenix, and Ajax to do, is to go to the other Greek leaders and see if they can conceive a plan to at least save some of the ships and army, for there is no offer that Agamemnon or any other Greek could propose that would change his mind to reentering the war....
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