Unit 1 Paper 2 Revision

Unit 1 Paper 2 Revision - Lapchak 1-1Stephen Lapchak...

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Lapchak 1 -1Stephen Lapchak Catherine Newell Writing 2 16 October 2010 Tools For the Triumphs of Tomorrow With new challenges, arising in our world daily, it is vital that those challenges are met head on. These challenges pertain to such fields as medicine, the clean water crisis, and the further discovery of the foundations of our universe. By placing the engineering of tools for scientific discovery as the top priority, we as a human race can gradually overcome these challenges with precision and great haste. Revolutionary tools will allow scientists to gain the knowledge needed to drastically improve the world environmentally and biologically. They will be of aid to doctors as they search for new medical discoveries, and will be able to uncover unknown information about the universe, that scientists could only previously hypothesize over. Obviously, some tools will take great lengths of time to eventually produce, yet, as long as these tools remain the universal goal to attain in engineering, the responses to the challenges of the current century these tools will generate will be astonishing. There are more questions left unanswered about our universe and its inhabitants, then there are answered by scientists and doctors world wide. Once the proper tools can be developed, most if not all this will change and more answers to our world and its inhabitants will come into sight. Be that as it may, until all these ground breaking tools can be constructed, doubts that such tools can even be created will continue to emerge. The only way to cease the disbelief of the critics that neigh say the project founders and engineers for even trying to create such awesome machines is through the confirmation of their existence. However, the European Space Agency's
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Lapchak 2 “Planck” satellite, has not only already begun to show proof of its ability to produce ground breaking discoveries, but continues to do so. As David Southwood puts it, “We are opening the door to an El Dorado where scientists can seek the nuggets that will lead to deeper understanding of how our universe came to be and how it works now. The image itself and its remarkable quality is a tribute to the engineers who built and have operated Planck. Now the scientific harvest must begin,” (Tauber). Equipped with a telescope with a 1.5-metre primary mirror, the European Space
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Unit 1 Paper 2 Revision - Lapchak 1-1Stephen Lapchak...

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