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Unit 2 Paper 2 Final - Lapchak 1-1Stephen Lapchak Professor...

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Lapchak 1 -1Stephen Lapchak Professor Catherine Newell Writing 2 7 November 2010 50 Years. .. How Futuristic Really Is That? Without question, life will not be the same as it is, 50 years from today. Our planet, its people, its places, and technologies will all have changed; for better and worse. And as for the living conditions and locations of Earth’s people, neither will change very drastically. Still there will be some change; areas of land won’t be able to house people anymore because of the change of Earth’s surfaces, but the interior and exterior of homes will become much more convenient and efficient establishing a much more enjoyable home lifestyle. Yet, where people live and whether or not people enjoy their residence is solely up to them and under their control. For my experiment into investigating how my peers thought we would be living in the near future, I interviewed two men and two women, between the ages of 19 and 22. Each person interviewed was given a series of six questions to answer, from which I could then develop my information. Beginning with the possible energy and pollution risks, I asked each individual if the energy and pollution problems would influence their ideas of where they could be living in the future. All of the individuals answered no to this question, in part to either the fact that they did not know much about the subject because they aren’t familiar with possible pollution trends. Or as interviewee Elliot Waniek, a 20 year old second-year economics and accounting major puts it, “Ideally I would still like to remain in California yet at the same time more and more people are moving here overpopulating California creating more pollution in such cities. Whereas in the
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Lapchak 2 mountains, less people live and the air is less polluted. However, in the end I feel it won’t influence my decisions that much as long as its bearable.” Leading directly into the next question of the interview, each individual was asked if they thought that the energy and pollution
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Unit 2 Paper 2 Final - Lapchak 1-1Stephen Lapchak Professor...

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