Unit 3 Paper 1 Final

Unit 3 Paper 1 Final - Lapchak 1 -1Stephen Lapchak...

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Lapchak 1 -1Stephen Lapchak Catherine Newell Writing 2 21 November 2010 Advocating the Preservation of Earth Through Avatar Amidst the lavish special effects and remarkable extra terrestrial creations, mankind finds itself, and its atrocious flaws. Although based in the year 2154, James Cameron’s Avatar depicts present day’s mankind in our worst way; causing devastation and destruction to everything natural that we come in contact with. By doing so we have been continually causing the decline of our planet’s natural resources, and as the film warns us, we must stop our ways immediately before it is too late. For if we don’t, we may have no where else to turn, and left stranded and helpless among the universe. As previously mentioned, Avatar takes place in the year 2154, on the planet Pandora. On this planet, humans have tried to befriend the Omitacaya of the Na’vi people. The Na’vi people, are a blue like species similar in appearance to humans, with a few exceptions, most notably their height (10 to 12 feet tall) and tails. Now the humans continually try to befriend the Omitacaya people in order to have the tribe move from their present tree-house, known as Hometree. The humans want to move the Omitacayans from their Hometree because underneath the tree, lies a material called “unobtanium”, said to be worth $20 million per kilogram. However, the Omitacayan people will not move, for they worship Hometree, in addition to all the forces of nature, which they call Eywa.
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Unit 3 Paper 1 Final - Lapchak 1 -1Stephen Lapchak...

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