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wk5citizen - AIVIERICAI\I IDEI\TITIES An Introductory...

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AIVIERICAI\I IDEI\TITIES An Introductory Têxtbook ffitffiffit Edited by Lois P Rudnick, Judith E. Smith, and Rachel Lee Rubin lr srîîlffii
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räry, Ll0 Sanla 0ruz ål0itl6 licltori^l mârcrial an.l orgânizâtion O 2(106 by Dl!ìckwell ftrLrlishing l,lcl ' _,!) 350 Mâin Succt, Mâlcll]n, MÁ.02148 5020, USA 9600 Car¡ingtoLl Ro¡d, Oxlo|rl OX4 zDQ, UK 550 Swânstoll Strcct, Câr'ltoLì, Vicrori:r 3053, ^usrrâlia l'hc dght ofl,ois Rudnick,JLrdìth li. Smilh, âncl lìâchcl Lec Rubin to be iclcrìtiFicd as the Aurhors oI thc liclitoriâl Matcli:ìl in rhis Wo|k h¡s bccn ¡sscrted ¡ccorclâûcc wirh thc UK Copyrigiìt, Desigrìs, and P¡tcnts ^ct 1988. All righls rescl'ved. No pârt of this public¿ìtion rnay bc lcploduccd, stotccl in a rctr'iev¡l systcrù, oI tlrìnsnlitrccl, in auy fo|m ol by arry mcàns, clcctrorìic, rìcchânic¡I, phot,rc.'pying, lccordrng or othe|wisc, cxccpt as pcrmitted by the UK Copylight, Designs, allcl Patonts Àcr 1988, witholrt dÌc priol pcrnliss(m of thc prrLrlìshcr" Fißr publishcd 2006 by illâckwell publishing Lrct 1 2006 I ibttt, of Cotry;ress CItdlogltrg il|Ptblic\tío¡t Dttttl Amcricân iclcntitics : an innoductory textbook / edited by Lois Rucùrick, Judiù E Smith, âlìd Rachel Lec lì.ubin p crll Inclucles bilrliogr^Phical Èf¡rcÌìces âDd in.lel. ISBN 13; 978 0 631-23431-9 (hâld cover : alk papcr') ISBN l0r 0-631'23431-4 (h:Icl covcr':alk. papcr') lsllN-13: 978 0 631-23432 6 (pbk r îlk. papc.) ISIIN-10 0-631-23432'2 (pbk. : alk. papet) 1 Uûitcd S lârcs-Llist ot y--1945 - 2 UrÌitcd States-Flistoly-l945 Solrrces. 3. United Srârcs-Sociâl corldilions 1945 4 U|itcd Stâtcs Social conditir¡ns- 1945 Soluces. L Rtl(hlick, I"ois PâlkeD, 1944 II Smith, JLrclith 8., 1948- IIi. Rubirl, Iì.âchcl, 1964- L742.1'66 2006 973.92 dczz 200501410t ^ cât^loguc lccord foL tlrrs titlc is avàilâblc f¡om the British l,iblnry. Sct in 10%/ 13pt Dante by SPI PLrblishcr ScNiccs, Poudichcrly, hrdia printcd ând bound in the Unilcd l(irgclom by lJ (ntcrnationâl Ltd, Pâdstow, Comw¡ll Thc pubiisheL's policy is to usc Perm?ìlent paper fLom mllìs rhat operatc a sustainabÌe foresuy policy, ând which h.ìs becn manulàcnucd fiom pulp processecl Llsiûg àcid'fiee ancl elemcrrraly chlor'incJiec prâctices. llLutheÌtnor'c, thc pub]isher cnsures that dre text paper' and covcr boaLd uscd h¡ve met acccptâblc clìvironmcntal ¡ccr-editation stand¡lcls For furrhcl infolmation on Blackwcll Pùblishing, visi! our websitc: www:black\rellpublishing.corn Table of Contents Alternacive Contents by Gcnre Preface: I Iow to Use 'I'his IJook Acknowledgments Introcluclion x xiii xiv PART I IDENTITY, FAMII.,Y, AND MEMORY Understanding Identity I Identities and Social Locations: Who Am Il Who Are My Peopleì Gwy Kirk anrl Margo Ol?ûzarN(L'Re! American Families in Historical Perspective 2 What We Really Miss About the 1950s StelrhdnLe CootLtz Memory arrd Community ?
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