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Topic_20_E2 - Topic 20 Exercise 2 Long Term Planning and...

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Topic 20, Exercise 2 Long Term Planning and Uncertainty In the article, “Making the Most of Uncertainty,” Hugh Courtney describes strategies to perform in markets with varying degrees of uncertainty. The author suggests that the appropriate strategy to pursue on a long-term basis should be related to the degree of uncertainty in the market. After reading the article, answer the following questions: 1. What are the two major strategies the author identifies to deal with uncertainty? The strategies focus on being a shaper or an adapter. A shaper attempts to control uncertainty by controlling the industry. In other words, a shaper attempts to drive development in an industry. The author cites several examples: Dell Computer’s direct sales approach, Southwest Airlines’ point-to-point air travel mode and Netscape Communications’ Navigator Internet Browser. An adapter accepts the industry structure as a given and tries to develop strategies to be flexible and adapt to changes in industry developments.
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