envs 100 lecture 15

Envs 100 lecture 15

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Unformatted text preview: Today WA2 part 1 due Thursday Elec5on Day Clean copy and presenta5ons Case Study II: Eco ­labeling and fisheries City Council •  Most environmentally ­oriented candidates: Ron Pomerantz, David Foster •  (Likely to win: Terrazas, Robinson, Bryant) Environmental ballot measures •  Prop 21: Funds State Parks, wildlife with vehicle license fee; State Park admission becomes free •  Prop 23: Suspends CA’s climate change measure (AB 32) as “too costly” •  Prop 26: Makes it harder to charge industry for pollu5on, social/ environmental impacts Redistric5ng •  Prop 27: Keeps redistric5ng with elected officials, limits $...
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