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FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CCE-4001 Heavy Construction Fall Term 2009 - Course Parameters Learning Objectives: The undergraduate student is introduced to the industry’s “means and methods” of managing heavy construction resources (time, costs, materials, equipment and organization). The course attains these goals through the study of the elements of construction materials and equipment. Each undergraduate student will be invited to join a small team (2 or 3 students each) which will develop a project in an area of their interest, such as bridges, tall buildings, highway and port structures, prefabrication of low income housing, etc. The student’s task will be to study and select two alternative types of equipment to accomplish a specific task, and ascertain their operating and life-cycle costs. They will also participate with the course instructor to discuss their progress, answer procedural and technical questions and for the orderly submittal of plans, schedules
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This note was uploaded on 09/15/2011 for the course CCE 4001 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '08 term at FIU.

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