cmstexam1 - Communication apprehension is the extent to...

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Communication apprehension is the extent to which people exhibit anxiety about speaking to others It is a legitimate and real experience that researchers believe negatively affects our communication with others People with communication apprehension can go to great lengths to avoid communication situations because communicating can make them feel shy, embarrassed, and tense Intercultural communication apprehension is when some individuals find themselves fearful or anxious around people from different cultural groups This not only impairs quality face-to-face conversations, but also can affect whether or not we wish to communicate with someone at all THE STUDY OF INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION Acknowledging Our Past What we call communication studies today has its origins in ancient Greece and Rome, during the formation of what we now know as Western civilization Their type of public communication was viewed primarily as a way to persuade other people Scholars such as Aristotle developed ways to improve a speaker’s persuasive powers His book, the Rhetoric , described a way of making speeches that encouraged speakers to incorporate logic, evidence, and emotions to consider how the audience perceived the speaker’s credibility and
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cmstexam1 - Communication apprehension is the extent to...

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