BLAW22 - Chapter 22 Performance and Breach of Sales and...

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Chapter 22 Performance and Breach of Sales and Lease Contracts A1. Food Packaging, Inc., agrees to sell 50,000 6-ounce yogurt containers to  Golden Dairy Company. Food can obtain only 20,000 of the 6-ounce  containers, but also ships 30,000 more expensive 8-ounce containers for  the same price. Under these circumstances, Golden a. cannot   reject   delivery,   and   Food   cannot   later   replace   the  containers. b. cannot reject delivery, but Food can later replace the containers. c. may reject delivery, and notice to Golden of Food’s intent to cure will give Food a reasonable time to replace the containers . d. may reject delivery, but Food cannot later replace the containers. B1. Super   Resources,   Inc.,   sells   unprocessed   minerals   to   commercial  processors in Texas. With regard to the UCC’s good faith requirement,  Super can a. avoid it only by a conspicuous written disclaimer. b. avoid it only by oral disclaimer. c. avoid it with or without a disclaimer. d. not disclaim it. A2. Price-Cut   Discount   Stores   are   open   to   consumers.  The   UCC  requirement of good faith imposes a. a higher duty on consumers than Price-Cut. b. a higher duty on Price-Cut than on consumers. c. no duty on either Price-Cut or consumers. d. the same duty on Price-Cut and consumers.
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B2. International Gem Corporation agrees to sell Jewelry Outlets, Inc.  (JOI), fifty new diamonds, but the contract does not specify a place of  delivery. JOI is expected to pick up the goods. The place of delivery is a. International’s place of business. b. JOI’s place of business. c. the Annual Gems and Jewels Convention. d. the U.S. Postal Service office nearest to JOI’s place of business. A3. Rocky and Slim enter into a contract for a sale of five rowboats. Circumstance make it difficult for Rocky to perform, and the contract is breached. Slim looks for remedies. Unlike the common law, under the UCC, remedies are a. cumulative. b. exclusive. c. limited. d. unlimited. B3. Genuine Seed Company and Hillside Farmers Cooperative enter into a contract for a sale of hybrid seeds. Under the perfect tender rule, Genuine Seed must ship or tender seeds to Hillside that a. approximately conform to all of the details of the contract. b. entirely conform to the contract except in one or two details. c. exactly conform to the contract in every detail. d. substantially conform to the contract in most details. A4. Clear Day Company, which is based in Delaware, agrees to sell fifty  windows, currently stored in Florida, to Great Vu, Inc., which is based  in Hawaii. Absent an agreement to the contrary, the place of delivery is  in a. California. b.
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BLAW22 - Chapter 22 Performance and Breach of Sales and...

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