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Spring 2010, CHEM 1311 C, Problem Set #5 1. Given the reaction, answer the following questions: ClO 2 - + NH 4 + a. Predict the products. b. Identify the acid, base, conjugate acid, and conjugate base. c. Identify the strongest base in the chemical reaction. d. Identify the strongest acid in the chemical reaction. e. Which side of the chemical reaction is favored for equilibrium? f. Calculate the equilibrium constant. 2. Explain the trend below. At least two sentences should be provided for each item. a. FO - < ClO - < HO - in terms of base strength. FOH > ClOH > H 2 O in terms of acid strength. b. ClO 3 - < ClO 2 - < ClO - in terms of base strength. HClO 3 > HClO 2 > HClO in terms of acid strength. c. Tl 4+ > Mg 2+ in terms of Lewis acid strength. d. H 2 S > H 2 O in terms of acid strength e. H 2 SeO 4 > H 2 TeO 4 in terms of acid strength
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Illustrate the acid dissociation process for [Y(H 2 O) 6 ] 3+ . 4. Given Ag + and Cr 2+ to serve as Lewis acids, and O 2-and CN-to serve as Lewis bases. Identify the pairing that will provide the greatest equilibrium constant according to Pearson’s Hard Soft Acid Base Theory . 5. Write out chemical expressions for the solvent leveling or autoionization of each of the following: a. ClNH 2 b. CH 3 O H c. H 2 S 6. Provide arguments for why pyridine is a weaker Lewis base than methyl amine. Provide structures and at least two sentences supporting your hypothesis. 7. Provide representative reactions of pyridine with the following. Explain why each of the following are Lewis acids. a. COS b. BH 3 c. Formaldehyde d. POCl 3...
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