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Unformatted text preview: Practice Quiz IA for Math 1502 I Sum this series exactly: ∞ 4 5 k=2 k (II.) Give a careful and precise explanation of the fact that ∞ 1 n=1 n = ∞. For the next three sums, determine whether the sums are finite or infinite. (III.) ∞ k=1 (IV.) 1 k + 2k ∞ k=1 (V.) ∞ k=1 k! (2k)! 1 k11/10 (VI.) Find the third Taylor polynomial P3 (x) and the fourth remainder R4 (x) for ln(1+ x). (VII.) Use your answer to the previous problem to estimate ln 0.7. Estimate |R4 (0.7)|. (VIII.) Derive the limit ex − 1 − x x→0 x2 lim (IX.) Evaluate the limit lim n1/n = 1 n→∞ ...
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