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Post-lab notes Chem 1310 Exp 11-1

Post-lab notes Chem 1310 Exp 11-1 - for MgO HCl 5 points...

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Chem 1310 Exp 11. Lab Report (90 points) Part A. Calibration of Calorimeter (15 pts) Data : 2-3 Water Trials in Tables (from Word or Excel) 5 points Results: C cal 5 points Sample Calculation: C cal 5 points Part B. Heats of Reactions (35 pts) Data : Temperature vs. Time for 2 reactions in Tables (from Word or Excel) 5 points Plots of Temp vs. time for 2 reactions 5 points Results: Calculation of T from plots 5 points H rxn for 2 reactions in a table: H rxn (J), moles of limiting, H rxn (KJ/mole) 5 points Sample Calculation: H rxn for Mg + HCl 5 points H rxn
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Unformatted text preview: for MgO + HCl 5 points Limiting reagent for one reaction 5 points Part C. Hess’s Law to find ∆ H o for MgO (10 pts) Mg(s) + ½ O 2 (g) MgO Calculation of ∆ H o for MgO from results in part B. and ∆ H f o for water 10 points Discussion (30 pts) Discuss calorimeter calibration 8 points-what was done, how ∆ T was found, any limitations, ave, S.D. Discuss two heats of reactions 8 points-what was done, limitations of equipment, plots, finding ∆ T Discuss finding ∆ H o for MgO 8 points Concluding remarks about results 6 points Page | 1...
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