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a. Sharing a conductivity meter could cause error as different meters may be calibrated differently. Using one meter makes all of the data accurate relative to each other. b. Macroscopic observations are affected by what is happening microscopically, so if a certain observation is known to be caused by something happening on the microscopic level, it can be inferred that this event has occurred. For example, a highly conductive solution occurs because the molecules that have
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Unformatted text preview: been dissolved have dissociated into the separate ions, which conduct electricity well due to their charges. c. Phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid. The strong electrolytes are H 3 PO 4 and HCl and acetic acid is a weak electrolyte. d. The indicator put into the solution changed color once the reaction had occurred. e. The substances changed color. f....
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