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Study Guide Exam2 - Chem 1310HP Study Guide for Exam 2 Dr...

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Chem 1310HP Study Guide for Exam 2 Dr. Perry Exam 3 will cover material from Chapters 8, 9.1-9.2, 10, 11 and 12. The exam format will be 20 multiple choice items, 5 points each with no partial credit. What to Bring: Calculator (without wireless capabilities and/or keyboard) Two number 2 Pencils One 8.5 x 11 Handwritten Crib Sheet (one sided) You will need to bring your student Photo ID to the exam! Arrive no later than five after the hour. If you arrive later than half past the hour, you cannot start the exam. The emphasis of the exam will be on problem solving and knowledge of key concepts. The questions will be largely similar to those in the homework, worked in class, the sample exam, or examples from the text. Chapters and Topics Chapter 8: Gas Laws Chapter 9: Intermolecular Forces (sections 9.1 and 9.2 only) Chapter 10: Solutions ( Ignore Osmotic Pressure ) Chapter 11: Equilibrium Chapter 12: Acid Base Chemistry ( Ignore hydrolysis – that is emphasized in chapter 13 ) Chapter 8 Gases 1. Describe how pressure and absolute temperature are defined and measured. 2. Use the ideal gas law to relate the pressure, volume, temperature of a gas. 3. Use ideal gas law to do stoichiometric calculations for reactions involving gases. 4. Be able to use Dalton’s law for calculating partial pressures. 5. Be able to calculate molar mass or density of a gas using the ideal gas law. 6. Understand the molecular origin of pressure. 7. Describe the connection between temperature and speeds or kinetic energies of molecules in a gas. 8.
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Study Guide Exam2 - Chem 1310HP Study Guide for Exam 2 Dr...

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