HW2_Solutions_MSE2001 - HOMEWORK CHAPTER 2 Solutions PART A.

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HOMEWORK CHAPTER 2 Solutions PART A. DEFINITIONS/NOMENCLATURE – (5 POINTS) 1. A type of secondary bond in which a temporary dipole induces another dipole in an adjacent atom is referred to as a van der Waals bond . 2. When the types of bonds between polymer chains are primary bonds the resulting polymer is said to be primary . 3. A lattice together with its basis is referred to as the crystal structure . 4. Many equations of the form: reaction rate = Cexp(-Q/RT) are referred to as Arrhenius equations. 5. A measure of the stiffness of a material is referred to as the elastic modulus or Youngs’ modulus . 6. When properties of a material are independent of direction, the material is said to be isotropic . 7. The number of nearest neighbors that surround an atom or ion is the coordination number (CN) . 8. The combined First and Second laws of thermodynamics written in terms of G(P,T) = -SdT +VdP 9. Elements in the same column have the same number of electrons in their outer, or valence shell. 10. A type of primary bond formed between two electropositive elements when their average number of valence electrons is less than or equal to 3 is referred to as a(n) metallic .
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11. PART B. CIRCLE THE APPROPRIATE ANSWER – (5 POINTS) 1. In a plot of bond force against bond distance, the equilibrium separation distance between an ionically bonded pair of atoms is located at zero force . 2. In compounds involving more than one element, a ionic bond is favored as the difference in the electronegativity of the elements forming the compound increases. 3. The 3-D primary bond structure in a polymer results in a thermoset polymer. 4.
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HW2_Solutions_MSE2001 - HOMEWORK CHAPTER 2 Solutions PART A.

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