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evol evidence Collins - Biochemical Evidence from Francis...

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Biochemical Evidence ( from Francis Collins’ book – The Language of God, 2006) Genome comparisons ( see Table 5.1) Human genome contains 3.1 Billion ‘letters’ (DNA base pairs) spread across 23 chromosomes. Only 1-2% of it is actually coding for proteins ( about 25,000 proteins overall – roughly 1000 protein genes per chromosome). Another 3% or so of DNA between genes is used in some ‘regulatory’ function. This leaves 95% as “junk DNA”, probably leftover evolutionary baggage, or used for things we don’t know about yet, or some combination of the two. The number of genes is not dramatically different from flies, worms and even many plants! (20,000) Compare: Human to human . About 99.9% identical for any two people on Earth. Most other species are 10 to 50 times more diverse. Population geneticists using their well worked out mathematical tools calculate these numbers point to all members of our species descended from about 10,000 founders, who lived about 100,000 to 150,000 years ago. This fits well with fossil record placing that founding group in East Africa.
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