telomerase is like any other polymerase in that it

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Unformatted text preview: ng as a protective cap to prevent actual gene ­ coding information from getting lost. The polymerase that adds telomeres is called a Telomerase:  ­ ­> a reverse transcriptase because it makes DNA from RNA (RNA internal template, in humans a short 6bp sequence, thus telomeres are just repeats of this sequence)  ­ ­> a ribonucleoprotein because it contains both protein and RNA (again the internal template is an RNA molecule)  ­ ­> prefers A form duplex.  ­ ­> telomerase is like any other polymerase in that it needs a primer, which is the 3’ of the parental strand. After this end is extended many nts, the regular replication Pol can fill in the other strand using the new telomeric sequence as a template. In humans, embryonic stem cells and germ cells have high telomerase activity, but it’s gradually lost in adult stem cells and somatic cells because they need to have a limited lifetime. Thus their telomeres ge...
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