Coli rpa in humans as well as poliii and clamploader

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Unformatted text preview: equivalents; and XPF/G are UvrC equivalent endonucleases.  ­ ­> in yeast, it’s the RAD genes that participate in NER pathway. 4. Mismatch Repair: specific enzymes are MutS/L/H; one helicase shared with NER (UvrD)  ­ ­> nt that on their own are correct, but incorrectly paired in a duplex.  ­ ­> one strand is saved as a template, but needs to distinguish the correct strand  ­ ­> MutS2/L2 (both are dimers) complex binds mismatch; using ATP hydrolysis to thread DNA through the two DNA ­interacting surfaces (thus dimers) to find the nearest 5’ ­GA(me)TC ­3’ hemi ­methylated site  ­ ­> MutH then recognizes the GA(me)TC hemi ­methylated site and cleaves it, thus the displaced strand could be up to 1kb  ­ ­> also because the GATC site could be on either side of the mismatch, there are different helicases with different polarities involved: UvrD is one of them.  ­ ­> in humans, MutS2/L2 complex are heterodimers, advantageous in recognizing different mismatches  ­ ­> there’s no MutH equivalent, because humans have no DamI methylase to hemi ­ methylate DNA (so we have a different...
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