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MCB 110 Spring 2011 PART I of III, Professor Collins Lecture Date Topic 1 W Jan 19 DNA and RNA structure 2 F Jan 21 Sequence-specific DNA recognition 3 M Jan 24 DNA polymerases 4 W Jan 26 The replication fork and replication factors 5 F Jan 28 Replication accessory factors continued 6 M Jan 31 Replication origins and initiation 7 W Feb 2 DNA damage and repair 8 F Feb 4 DNA repair continued 9 M Feb 7 Guest lecture: DNA topology and topoisomerases 10 W Feb 9 Homologous recombination 11 F Feb 11 Homologous recombination, site-specific recombination 12 M Feb 14 Transposition 13 W Feb 16 Diversity across human genomes: adaptive immunity, disease linkage mapping, personalized medicine 14 F Feb 18 Genome packaging Holiday M Feb 21 MIDTERM I Thursday February 24 6:30-8:30 PM Last name A-M: go to 2040 VLSB (seats 162 people) Last name N-Z: go to 2060 VLSB (seats 161 people)
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Unformatted text preview: There will be an evening review session the week before the exam hosted by your TAs. Prof. Collins office hours are Friday 11:30-1:00 in 331 LSA. In addition to office hours, you can email with specific questions about lecture content. Email: [email protected] Background reading from "Molecular Biology" 4th edition by Robert F. Weaver, McGraw-Hill Higher (ISBN 978-0-07-299524-4). There should be a copy of this textbook on reserve in Moffitt, as well as available from Professor Collins during office hours. Material beyond what has been DIRECTLY discussed in class will NOT be covered in the exam; the reading is just for additional background, if desired. Textbook reading will NOT substitute for attending lecture. Lectures: Relevant Pages: 1-2 13-27, 52-55; 84, 93 3-6 640-660, 684-707; 67-69, 98-101 7-8 660-676 10-12 719-740, 744-756 13 811-812 14 360-368...
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