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MCB110 Spring 2011 MWF 10-11AM, 50 BIRGE HALL Lecture slides, practice questions, previous exams, and answer keys will be available on the course website: The instructors will suggest textbook readings as background, but these are OPTIONAL reading assignments. You are responsible ONLY for the content of material presented verbally in class and/or in written form as the lecture PDFs. However, we will ask you to integrate the material, not just memorize. The practice exams from previous years illustrate the style of future exam questions. Teaching Assistants: Email: Office hours: Iris Hood [email protected] TBA Stanley Hall Nikki Kong [email protected] TBA Koshland Hall Discussion sections are optional but highly recommended. You may attend any section, even if you are not enrolled for it, as long as all of the sections remain small enough for teaching effectiveness. M 9-10A, 103 MOFFITT
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