Hint look at a periodic table b considering as is very

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Unformatted text preview: s arsenic in its genetic information (Wolf ­ Simon et al. Science. 2010) a) What could arsenic replace if it is in the nucleic acids of this bacterium? Hint: look at a periodic table. b) Considering As is very unstable, this bacterium must have developed ways to stabilize its nucleic acids. List THREE different types of energetic motivation that it could improve for DNA or RNA duplexes to form spontaneously, and their directions of action (with respect to the 5’  ­ ­> 3’ axis). c) Can you think of a simple initial experiment to test this finding with techniques that we’ve learned in class so far? Describe how you would set it up and include the controls. (Note normally this strain grows in an environment that can have arsenic concentration as high as 200uM). 7. Based on the structure below, what might this molecule bind and how?...
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