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Unformatted text preview: MCB110 Spring 2011 Problem Set 1 1. Why are polynucleotides that are GC ­rich more stable than those that are AT ­rich? Does this mean they have a higher or lower Tm? 2. What kind of information can proteins recognize in the major grooves of dsDNA that facilitates binding? Where is this information coming from, i.e. the backbone, bases, or sugars? 3. Write an 8bp palindromic sequence. 4. You found a protein with unknown functions. It exists as a homodimer and each monomer has a protruding alpha ­helix that has a positively charged surface. What is a possible function for this protein? What might it bind to and where? 5. Is dsRNA more accessible by proteins in its major or minor groove? Why? Explain in terms of structure. 6. Recently, scientists at NASA ­Ames reported in a controversial article that they have found a strain of bacteria that use...
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