PS4 Key - MCB 110 Spring 2011 Problem Set 4 1 True or...

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MCB 110 Spring 2011 Problem Set 4 1. True or False _ F __A. RuvB is a tetrameric helicase. RuvB is a hexameric helicase _ T __B. RuvC is a bacterial endonuclease required to resolve Holliday juncti _ F __C. RecA binds to dsDNA cooperatively. RecA binds ssDNA cooperatively. _ T __D. RecA-ATP form promotes strand exchange. _ F __E. dsDNA breaks can only be repaired by Homology recombination. dsDNA breaks can be repaired by Non-homologous end joining. _ T __F. The lysogenic state of lambda phage results in integration of phage DNA into the host genome. _ T __G. When lambda phage are in an environment containing an extreme excess of nutrients (excess of bacterial host cells) the phage enter the lytic cycle _ F __H. Lambda phage can integrate into a bacteria host genome at any DNA sequence. Lambda phage integrate into a host genome at a specific site. _ F __ I. The four subunits of the recombinase tetramer perform their functions simultaneously to cleave and reseal all four strands at once. _ T __ J. DNA transposons are flanked by both direct and inverted repeats _ F __ K. Mobile DNA elements are purely deleterious (harmful) and can have no benefit to the host. Some carry antibiotic resistance genes _ F __ L. All transposons encode a transposase in its insertion sequence 2. What are the 4 steps of HR (homologous recombination)? #1. Generate a free ssDNA with a 3’OH #2. Strand Exchange by RecA #3. Branch Migration by RuvA/RuvB #4. HJ resolution by RuvC 3. Describe, in terms of mechanism, how RecA promotes strand exchange? RecA (in its ATP bound form) first binds cooperatively to ssDNA.
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PS4 Key - MCB 110 Spring 2011 Problem Set 4 1 True or...

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