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Eng 411 Motai Eng 411 Out-of-Class Essay Folder Cover Sheet Be sure your Final Essay is clearly labeled as Final, so I’m sure that I’m reading your final and not a draft . Be sure your name is on all materials. Be sure pages are numbered. Turn in your work in a plain folder with a pocket, please. Staple the final essay. In your folder include: 1 st Draft The draft you handed in to me, or worked on with an LAC tutor, or did on your own Proofreading Draft Directions: o Revise and re-write a final draft of your essay.
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Unformatted text preview: o Print out a copy of it o Proofread your final draft, making handwritten corrections as you read. CROSS OUT (don’t erase or white-out) errors, and write the corrections above them. Final Essay • Type in the corrections you made on the proofreading draft. • Turn in a clean (no correction marks) copy of your essay Turnitin Originality Report (report page only) Please submit your essay before the closing date....
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