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Eng 411 Motai Policy on Essay Re-Writes/End of Semester Issues Please read this carefully! This semester, I am allowing students to re-write one (1) essay this semester without the usual grade restrictions. These are my policies on the re-writes: You must re-write the essay independently. I will not conference or read drafts of re-written essays. Use the comments I made on your Final Essay to help you re- write. You many not re-write the In-Class Essay. You may not re-write Essay #3. Essays can rise from ½-1 grade level (e.g. C→C+ or C→B). Grade raises tend to be ½ grade level although this completely depends on the quality of the revision. I don’t comment on re-written essays; I simply give the essay a grade. If the essay has not shown substantial improvement your grade will not change; however, note that your grade will never be lowered as a result of re-writing. Very important: If your re-written essay shows signs of plagiarism of any kind—
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Policy_on_Essay_Re-Writes-End_of_Semester_Notes - Eng 411...

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