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REVISED 1/25/11 AND FINAL ENGLISH 411 COURSE DESCRIPTION AND REQUIREMENTS English 411 Instructor: Lyn Motai Office: HUM 230 Office hours: TU/THU 10:00-11:00 AM email: [email protected] 5:00-6:00 PM Mailbox: HUM 125 COURSE DESCRIPTION In English 411 we move away from focusing on basic composition skills in order to concentrate on literary analysis and writing in response to literature. We learn to read a text precisely and analytically, looking at its meaning and the way it is written. We learn how to understand and appreciate literature. We build on our prior knowledge of how to write an essay and learn to write analytical and evaluative essays in response to literature, using evidence from the text for support. There is also some creative writing and an oral panel presentation at the end of the course. This class is a “content” class, not a skills class. We study literature and assume that you already know how to write a composition and have an appropriate knowledge of grammar. There will, however, be class time devoted to preparation for writing the assigned essays. This class satisfies the upper division literacy requirement. I expect you to have already learned the basics of composition (how to get ideas, focus, organize and support your ideas, and show the connections between ideas etc.) and I expect you to be able to write effectively at the sentence level. That is, you must employ a variety of grammatical structures which help you to express your ideas clearly and precisely, and you must proofread so that your final essays are free of serious and distracting grammar errors. English 411 satisfies the General Education Segment II: Arts and Sciences Core Requirement, Humanities and Creative Arts Area, Category C - Historical, Social, Ethnic Contexts. English 411 satisfies the Upper Division Written English Proficiency Requirement. REQUIRED TEXTS Inside Out/Outside In by V. Holder, D. Lindsay, L. Motai, D. vanDommelen, K. Wiederholt (Houghton Mifflin, 2000) RECOMMENDED TEXTS :
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Longman Advanced American Dictionary (or similar English-English dictionary for speakers of other languages) Keys for Writers , by Ann Raimes (Houghton Mifflin) or any similar writing handbook ATTENDANCE POLICY Attendance will be taken at each class meeting. Absence for more than the equivalent of two weeks of class meetings (4 classes) will result in a No Credit in the course, in compliance with CMS policy. Three lates will be recorded as one absence, at the discretion of the instructor. Arriving 15 minutes late or more is the equivalent of one absence. Please do not schedule any other appointments during this class. Don’t miss class because you are rushing to finish an assignment.
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REVISED_411course_description_Spring_2011 - REVISED AND...

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