SP_11_Half_and_Half_out_of_class_essay - life. OR 2....

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Eng 411 Motai Eng. 411 SP 11/ ESSAY #3 ASSIGNMENT: “Half and Half,” by Amy Tan Choose one of the options below to write on. You must use appropriate and adequate quotations from the story to support your ideas . 1. Write a characterization of Rose Hsu, showing how her past as a young girl, her interactions with her mother and her marriage and life with her husband Ted have all influenced the woman she has become. Then discuss what Rose finally learns about herself and about how to approach
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Unformatted text preview: life. OR 2. Explain and discuss the message (theme) the story presents about fate and faith in humans lives, showing how the experiences and attitudes of Mrs. Hsu and Rose illustrate this message. Length of Essay: 3 pages (875 words)--4 pages (1,125 words) Due Dates: Thursday, April 28: Optional First Drafts turned in Tuesday, May 3: First Drafts Returned Thursday, May 19 Final Essay and Folder (due at Final Exam) ....
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SP_11_Half_and_Half_out_of_class_essay - life. OR 2....

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