Philosophy_110_Chp_15[1] - 5/3/2009 Review: Divergent...

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5/3/2009 1 Review: Divergent Conclusions The argument as a whole will be weaker than the individual parts. Example: Charles speaks French very well and Chinese very well. Thus, he can speak at least one European language very well, and also that he can speak at least one Asian language very well. Valid/Completely Reasonable. Chapter 15: Evaluation of Convergent Arguments Spring 2009 San Francisco State University Instructor: Mike Olsen The Convergent Premises Principle An argument consisting of convergent sides is better than any of the separate sides, except when one of those sides is completely unreasonable, with the proviso that the entire argument will not be completely reasonable unless one of the sides is completely reasonable. Multiple Witnesses If we have one witness arguing for a particular conclusion, but a second arguing for the same conclusion… We should get stronger support for our conclusion. Bill saw Bob commit the crime and Bill is telling
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Philosophy_110_Chp_15[1] - 5/3/2009 Review: Divergent...

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