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Practice Exam Questions Informal Fallacies: Advertisements claim that the new Pride detergent gets your clothes whiter and brighter than any other brand. Since no one has disproved this claim, we must conclude that it is true. a. Appeal to unqualified authority b. Accident c. Amphiboly d. Division e. Appeal to ignorance Mr. Referee, surely our team was not offside on that last play. Our team has already had ten penalties this quarter, we’re trailing by three touchdowns, and several of our parents traveled hundreds of miles to see this game. a. Appeal to pity b. Straw man c. Missing the point d. Appeal to force e. Slippery slope Fill in the blank (and tell why it is that fallacy).
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Unformatted text preview: The law says that you should not travel faster than 55 mph, thus even though your father could not breathe, you should not have travelled faster than 55 mph. _____________ Argument Analysis: Warning: This is an enthymeme. There are two good reasons to support Proposition 2. It ensures the welfare of chickens within the state. It results in healthier food products for consumers. If dogs are good animals to own, then you should own one. Dogs are good animals to own. Therefore, you should own a dog. But dogs take a lot of time and energy to care for. And not everyone has a lot of time and energy. Thus, not everyone should own a dog....
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