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Eng 209 Motai Agreements for Participation in English 209 By taking Eng. 209-06 I agree to the following : 1. I have read the Course Description and am aware of the course policies stated in the document. 2. Absence Policy: I am aware that the program’s 2-absence maximum policy (in a furlough semester) will be enforced by the instructor. I am aware that it is my responsibility to bring proof of illness to the instructor if I am absent beyond the maximum 2 days allowed. I am aware that, if I am absent beyond two days because of illness, the instructor will consult with me and decide whether I can continue in the course or should withdraw from the course. 3. iLearn: I agree that it is my responsibility to check the 209-06 iLearn site every day for assignments, instructions, materials. I agree to check my SFSU email account daily for messages about the instructor’s posts
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Unformatted text preview: to iLearn. • I agree that if I do not have an assignment completed because I did not check the iLearn site (or because I did not listen in class when the necessary information was given) I will receive a No Credit on the assignment and will not be able to make it up. 4. I agree to listen to the Instructor’s directions in class, and I’m responsible for the information given out during class, and for asking about what I do not understand. Signature_________________________________ I, as instructor, will enforce the above policies equally and fairly for all students. I will be open to explanations of circumstances beyond the control of a student that may have influenced the ability to complete an assignment. Lyn Motai...
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