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Unformatted text preview: Eng 209 Motai Essay #1 (Short Paper): Analyzing an Advertisement In this short paper, the writing focus is on two things: • Constructing a strong thesis statement in which you make a clear point or points and show the reader how you will organize your discussion of this point/these points; • Writing effectively organized and developed paragraphs that support your thesis. Writing Assignment: Choose two advertisements (from a magazine/newspaper/the Internet) that can be printed out in color. Videos are not appropriate for this assignment. One advertisement should be commercial (selling a product) and the other should be a public service advertisement (educational). In a well-organized essay, introduce the concepts of commercial advertising, which frequently sells products by using language and images meant to mislead consumers, and public service advertising, which serves the public good by educating people about important issues. To do this, begin the essay with summaries of the articles we’ve read for Unit 1, “With issues....
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