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1 Eng 209 Motai English 209 Essay # 2: Effects and Solutions to Media Violence Assignment: Write an argumentative essay in which you take a stand on two related questions. The first question you will discuss is your primary (most developed and longer) argument. It is: o Does the viewing of and/or interaction with high levels of media violence affect people, particularly children and adolescents, in harmful, not harmful, or both not harmful and positive ways? As support for your opinion, use information from the articles we have read in class and real life events that you have read about in the news or online. o The second (briefer) question, discussed in a paragraph at the end of the essay, is whether you believe that governmental censorship of media containing high levels of violence is, therefore, necessary. Use arguments from the articles we have read on censorship to support your opinion. Important notes about the content of your essay:
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