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Eng 209 Motai Essay # 3 Writing Assignment: Influences on our Thoughts and Actions: Surveillance Technology In this essay discuss the pros (benefits) and cons (disadvantages) of surveillance in our society. To do this: o Choose at least two technologies that would threaten individual rights or privacy and at least two that could be of benefit to individuals and society. o Alternately, you may choose to examine 3 technologies and discuss both their merits and demerits in terms of their impacts on individuals and society. In The Transparent Society , Chapters 1 and 3, by David Brin, there are many surveillance devices and systems described; any of these may be discussed in your essay. You may also, if you choose, research a new device (or one updated since The Transparent Society was written in 1998) to use as part of your discussion. To organize: Write about each type of surveillance in turn. You can combine types that have similar uses—for examples, surveillance cameras.
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Essay_3-_Spring_10-_Surveillance_Technology - Eng 209 Motai...

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